We are The HAcky Turtles


The Hacky Turtles hail from the Northern shores of Traverse City, MI. They have been forged from the gritty wilderness of conifer and deciduous guardians covering the lush beauty of an older way of life. Harboring an eclectic recipe of Alternative Funk with a decent dollop of Folk, friends since the recklessness of their youths, these troubadours have shared a soul bond and a common passion for both the love of music, and the performing of it. They are the brothers of the lake water, notorious tamers of the tapping toe, wranglers of the funky feet movers, and minions of the night. Book THT for your wedding and next corporate event.


Vocals, Harmonica / Marc Kanitz
Guitar / Austin Spencer
Drums / Erik Krueger
Guitar / Alex Rushlow